Bill Peters Trial 2023

20 01 2023

1st Feb. update. Entries have closed as we have reached our limit. Observers still needed please.


On-line entries are now open for the first round of The Western Center Championship, on 12th Febuary 2023, at Breakheart Quarry. The entry limit is 100 so enter in good time, there will be no entries on the day. Sport 80 has had its teething problems, but hopefully it will work okay.

To comply with ACU and insurance requirements, riders will be asked to show their helmet at signing on, (as motoX and grass track do). Only road legal helmets will be accepted, if not compliant you will not be allowed to ride.

Three route alternatives with the usual 50:50 options are available. The number of sections will depend upon the number of observers. If you can observe please contact Phil on 07770582810, you will receive £20 towards your expenses.

A burger van will be present, please support it, as they only attend if it’s worth their while.

Any updates will appear here. Bad weather, other than deep snow, is unlikely to affect the event. We look forward to seeing you for a good days trialling.


2023 Club License

21 12 2022

The link below, should allow you to join the club for 2023. There has been a lot of problems with new ACU system, but we have now had a few people join and get 2023 license. Fingers crossed it works for you

Sapperton/Nigel Tomkins Trial 2022

21 11 2022

There should be some photos of the trial on this link_

Go to the results section to see how you got on today. Congratulations Gareth Talbot on the win, his second in a row. It was very close, Chris Wickham lost the same number of marks but had fewer cleans.

We hope you all enjoyed the event. As ever its a team effort to put the trial on, so thanks to all involved. A special mention for Nathan and Oliver Pekala who plotted the course, marked out the sections with help from Mike Wathen, and cleared up afterwards. We were pleased to have a full complement of observers, plus reserves, so thanks due there as well.

Finally thanks to those who donated towards Nigels nominated charity.


There’s still time to enter (online please) the Sapperton Trial for this Sunday 27th November at Breakheart. Entries close Thursday at midday.

The usual 3 routes with 50/50 variations are available so all abilities and machines will find something suitable. Three laps of 12 sections are planned.

Observers wil be offered £20 towards their expenses. Please contact Doug on 07791640213 if you can help.

A burger van is booked, please support it to make it worth their while coming.

The trial is in memory of club stalwart Nigel Tomkins. A collection will be made toward his favoured Cancer Research charity. We look forward to a good days trialling.

Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial 2022

25 08 2022

We hope you all enjoyed your days sport, the results are in the usual place. The forecast heavy rain didn’t materialise so it was a much lower scoring trial than anticipated. Congratulations to Simon on the win, it was close and had to be decided on furthest clean.

The course cutting out and marking out were a mammoth task and a big thankyou to the whole team. Also all sections were manned so thanks to the observers. A special mention for the three riders who gave up their rides to help out when a couple of our regular elderly observers couldn’t make it. It should be an obligation for all the regular riders to occasionally offer to observe to stop the further decline of our sport. You can start by volunteering at our next trial on 27th November.


On-line entries are now open for our Center Championship event on 2nd October. There will be no entries on the day. The start will be at The MotoCross Track on Tinkley Lane (GL10 3UH will get you close) and we are pleased to be able to use both farms, so it will be the usual long ride round. Two laps of 18 sections are planned (depending upon observers), and 3 routes with the usual 50-50 options, means most abilities and machines will be catered for. Unfortunately there will be no conducted route.

We will need observers so please volunteer by contacting Phil, 07770582810, and if you can bring a bike, so much the better. £20 will help towards your expenses.

There will be no burger van, so bring some sandwiches.

Any updates will appear here. We look forward to seeing you at Nympsfield.

Summer Series Trial 2022. Round 2.

30 06 2022

The results are posted. We hope you all enjoyed the event. Thanks go to Rob Maller for organising the trial and to the all the observers. Our next trial is on 2nd October at Nympsfield, details will appear here and in the usual places.


We’re hoping for better luck this time, 6th August, 4pm, at Peak Elm Farm, Selsley.

Entries open on 1st July and are limited to 50. If you entered last time, your entry has been carried forward. If you find you can’t make it, contact Laurence.

As before access to the venue can be a problem, so check back here for updates.

Summer Series Trial 2022. Round 1.

20 05 2022

TRIAL CANCELLED. Unfortunately, owing to the farmer being unable to move his cattle, and the forecast for heavy showers which would make access difficult, we have had to call the trial off. We are hoping to run a trial on Saturday 6th August. Entries will be carried forward to that event. If you wish to withdraw, contact the event secretary.


Oops!! The date has been corrected to 18th JUNE.

The summer closed to club series is being resurrected after many years. The first event is on 18th June, starting at 4pm, and we are making a welcome return to Peak Elm Farm, Selsley. Directions to the venue are in the regs, which you will find on the ACU entry page. On-line entries open at 7am on 1st June and are limited to 50. There will be no entries on the day. If you haven’t yet renewed your club membership you can do that on the ACU members page before entering.

There will be a clubman and a sportsman route with no 50-50. This is to be a ‘fun’ trial and will be suitable for novice riders.

Access to the venue can be an issue, especially if wet, so keep checking for any updates.

Ron Carter Trial 2022

13 05 2022

You can see how you did today on the results page (provisional). We hope you all enjoyed the event, the results suggest the sections were spot on. Congratulations to Kurt on his win.

As always the team put in a lot of hard work to make the event happen, so thanks to all, especially C of C Mike Wathen whose hours of cutting out tracks and sections were heroic.


On-line entries only for this event please, (limit 100), they open at 7am on Saturday 14th June. Usual venue at Ashmead Farm, Dursley/Coaley, details of location are in the regs. Three laps of 12 sections are planned with the usual 3 routes and 50/50 options, so most abilities and machines will be catered for. Sorry but we are unable to include a conducted route.

The burger van is booked. Please make use of it, as their attendance is dependant on them achieving a decent turnover. Use it or lose it!

Observers will be welcomed with £20 towards their expenses. Please contact Phil on 07770582810 if you can help.

Very wet weather may jeopardise the event so please check back here for updates.

Minchinhampton Non Expert Trial 2022

8 03 2022

You can see how you did yesterday by looking on the results page. Hopefully you all enjoyed your day, the results suggest the sections were spot on.

Always difficult to say who ‘won’ the event as its traditionally a ‘novice’ trial, but special mention to best youth C, Edwyn James, best Youth B, Fred Bishop and best Youth A, Isobel Coopey. Also best novice, Ashley Maller. The conducted route was closely fought so well done to all in that group.

As always the event depends upon the band of workers, who put so much into running the event, with a special mention for Rob Watson (and family) whose first clerk of course duty resulted in such a good trial. Also a big thank you to all the observers, without whom we wouldn’t be running a trial.


Entries are open, and filling up, for the non expert trial on 20th March at Moorhouse Farm, Brimpsfield.

Clubman, Sportsman Plus and Sportsman are the options, experts are welcome to ride pre65 or twinshock machines for no award. A conducted route is also included and results will count towards the Western Center Youth C/D/E Championship.

We as always welcome observers, there will be £20 towards their expenses. Please contact Phil on 07770582810 if you can help.

Unfortunately the burger van is unable to attend this event, so bring your own sandwitches.

We look forward to a good day trialling at this excellent venue. Any updates will appear here.

Bill Peters Trial 2022

19 01 2022

The outcome of yesterday’s trial is on the results page. Apologies for lateness, but by the end of yesterday everyone had had enough. The effect the rain had on the going took us all by surprise, it’s difficult when the venue has not been used in the wet before. One section was abandoned on safety grounds and two observers had to ‘abandon ship’ before hypothermia/pneumonia set in. No marks for the second lap on these section have been allocated. Added to the weather difficulties the discovery that The Dursley Dozen running race was coming through the wood meant that several sections had to be moved and the route redirected at very short notice. Added to that, the major clean up operation at the end, made some of the team wonder why they do it!!

Anyway a big thankyou to our observers who braved the cold and wet, and the team for the tremendous work put in to make it happen.

Finally congratulation to Kurt on his comfortable win, his score of 54 was an amazing achievment.


Entries have opened, and closed again, as we reached our entry limit within hours. Does this mean that more events are needed to cater for demand? The only way this will happen is if more of you volunteer to get involved with your club and help with organising.

Anyway, 18 sections are planned so we need observers. Please volunteer by contacting Phil on 07770582810. If you didn’t get an ride and are willing to observe, you will get an entry at our next trial.

The catering van is booked.

It will be too wet to park on the field so please park where directed in the farmyard. There must be no parking on the grass.

Nigel Tomkins RIP

14 01 2022

Stroud Valley MC are mourning the loss of a long time club member, committee member and former club secretary. He was actively involved in running trials events over many years frequently acting secretary and alway willing to help with marking out sections and clearing up afterwards.

He was an accomplished trials rider in the ‘old fashioned’ style, and was always at or near the top of the leaderboard. Many of us watched his line and control in sections in an attempt to emulate, usually unsuccessfully, his technique.

It was Nigel’s wish to be remembered by an event in his honour, and the SVMC committee have decided, with Nigels blessing, to rename our November event ‘The Sapperton/Nigel Tomkins Trial’.

Funeral arrangments will be posted here in due course.