Tom Barker

4 04 2018

Life member of Stroud Valley MC, Tom Barker died on 9th March aged 91.

Tom or ‘Tommy’ was a very successful scrambler and trials rider from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in the Western Center and nationally. He never achieved a works ride but competed  on equal terms with machines, mostly BSAs and Velocettes, which he modified and adapted himself. He was an expert engineer.


The Minchinhampton Trial

2 03 2018

The results are up. Hope you all enjoyed the event. Lower scoring than expected after all the rain/snow. Sorry about the unobserved sections. We try to encourage people to volunteer with meal voucher and cash. Any other ideas? Maybe a ballot to select regular riders to occasionally observe?

Our next trial is the Ron Carter on June 10th. More details will follow.


All is set for Sunday, 3 long laps of 12 sections. please remember the clocks change this weekend.

We are nearly at our entry limit so there will be NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Enter quickly on line before they are close.


Our non expert trial will be on the 25th March 2018 at Moorhouse Farm, Brimpsfield.

There will be two routes (clubman and sportsman) with a 50/50 option. Three laps of 12 sections are planned. A conducted course is also planned. Experts are welcome to enter on twinshock or pre-65 machines. The yellow route will be suitable for novices and pre-65s.

Entries are preferred by the online method or by post, regs are on the Western ACU site or Trials Central. Our limit is 100 so enter early to avoid disappointment. Please note that we have increased the entry fee to £16, £12 for youths, to cover our increased costs, in particular payments to observers.

Observers will be very welcome and will receive a meal voucher and £15 to cover their expenses.

The catering van is booked so come along and enjoy our annual visit to this excellent venue. Any updates will appear here.

The Bill Peters Trial

19 01 2018

The results are on the ‘results page’. The venue dried out quicker than expected and the rain didn’t arrive. Hence an easier trial than we had intended but we hope it was enjoyable. There was unfortunately still some queuing despite us limiting the entry.

Congratulations to Tom Moss on adding his name to the list of winners and making the visit to Western Center worthwhile.

Thanks to our willing observers, its always good to have each section covered. Also to all our invaluable club helpers, especially Nathan and Ollie for their efforts in marking out and clearing up afterwards.

Our next trial is the non expert trial at Moorhouse Farm on 25th March. More details will follow.


Barring deep snow we will be at Breakheart Quarry on 18th February for the Bill Peters Trial. The parking is good, there are toilets and an undercover signing on area, and the burger van is booked.

Three routes to chose from with 50/50 options, plus a conducted for the juniors. The yellow route will be suitable for novices, twinshocks etc.

Observers will be welcomed with a meal voucher and £10 to cover their expenses.

This trial is a championsip round and is always well supported, so there will be NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY, and the limit is 100 riders so get your entries in, preferably using the on line option. Entries will close when we are full. Regs will be on the Western ACU web site and Trials Central.

Any updates will appear here. We look forward to a good days trialling.

The Sapperton Trial

30 10 2017

The results are up in the ‘results page’. Well done to all route and class winners especially Martin Podesta, who joins our Sapperton Trial winners list. We hope you all enjoyed the event.

As usual this trial was made possible by the efforts of our observers and the dedicated SVMC team. Special thanks go to Nathan and Oliver Pekala,  whose section plotting looked spot on. If there are any volunteers out there who would like to help in any way  in our future events please get in touch.

Details of our next trial on Febuary 18th 2018 will follow.


We will be at Breakheart Quarry for our next trial on 26th November.

Three routes will cater for all abilities and machines with the yellow route being suitable for novices, pre65s or those just wanting an enjoyable ride round. Sportsman plus and clubman expert options give you extra choice. 3 laps of 12 sections are planned.

Regs and entry forms are on The Western Web site or Trials Central. Please enter on-line if you can as it helps with the planning if we know how many are going to turn up.

Observers will be very welcome and will receive a meal voucher and £10 to help towards their expenses.

The venue has ‘all weather’ parking and toilets. The burger van has been booked.

We look forward to seeing you for a good days trialling.


Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial

15 09 2017

Your results are up. Congratulations to Kurt on his narrow victory over Simon. The conditions were very challenging, so well done to all competitors for giving it a good crack.

Thanks to all officials, helpers and landowners, especially Martin Wooldridge for allowing us to park in the farm yard. Without this the trial could not have run.

Our next event is at Breakheart quarry on 26th November. Details will follow.


UPDATE 29.09.17.  13 sections are marked out. Its wet in places so hopefully not too much more rain! Parking is in the same field as last year, there is an alternative way out through the farmyard. Some vans may park in the farmyard, but please respect the fact that is a working farm so definitely no practicing in the yard. We look forward to  seeing you on Sunday.


We are at Nymphsfield on 1st October for our next event. Both farms are going to be included so it will be an enjoyable ride round.

We are plannning on 3 laps of 12 or 13 sections with 3 routes giving the usual sportsman, sportsman plus, clubman, clubman expert and expert options. All abilities and types of machine will be catered for with the ‘yellow’ route being suitable for novice and pre65 riders.

There is also a conducted route for the youngsters being organised.

Regs will be on the Western Web site. Please help us by entering on line. Day licenses are available if required.

As usual observers will be very welcome and will receive a meal voucher and £10 to cover their expenses.

The start may be in a different place to usual, so follow the signs from the main Stroud/Dursley road.

Any updates will be posted here. The burger van is booked and we look forward to seeing you for a good days trialling.


The Ron Carter Trial

12 05 2017

A small amendment to the results has been posted.

You can find the results in the usual place. Congratulations to Simon on taking top spot. We hope you all enjoyed the event. Our next trial is on October 1st at Nymphsfield. Details will follow.

Many thanks to all helpers, observers and landowners.


UPDATE. Sat. The field is too wet for parking so the farm have kindly agreed to us using the farm yard. There will be plenty of room, follow the arrows. Twelve sections of three laps are marked out by Mike and his helpers. See you tomorrow a good day trialling.


Our next event is on June 11th 2017 at Ashmead Farm between Cam and Coaley.

There will be 3 routes with five course options so all abilities and machines, including experts, will find the sections suitable. The yellow route will be plotted for novice and pre-65 riders.

A conducted section for youth D&E will be available if their is interest. This may be at a different part of the farm, details will be given at signing on.

Entry forms and regs are on the Western Center web site and on Trials Central. Please use the ‘enter online’ option. It is a great help to the secretary and clerk of the course.

The catering van will be there.

As always observers will be very welcome and will receive £10 towards their expenses and a meal voucher for the burger van.

The use of the venue depends upon the silage having been cut, so watch this site for updates. We look forward to seeing you for an enjoyable days trialing.

The venue will be signed from The Cam Tesco roundabout, or use GL11 5EN in the sat nav to get you close to the field. Map reference is SO777 004.

The Minchinhampton Trial

13 03 2017

You can see how you fared on the results page. A low scoring event aided by the rapidly drying conditions, apologies if you wished for more of a challenge. Thanks to all for your support and to all observers and helpers.

Our next trial is 11th June, details will be posted nearer the time.


UPDATE. Weather forecast is good. Venue is drying out nicely. 13 sections marked out over the whole venue, so an enjoyable, long ride round. There is a crayfish issue, so crossing only and absolutely no riding along the stream.


We are running The Minchinhampton Non Expert Trial at Moorhouse Farm, Brimpsfield on 26th March 2017. It is the first round of the Western ACU twinshock, pre65, over 60 and youth C&D championship.

There will be 2 routes with the 50/50 option available and three laps of 12 sections are planned. Experts are welcome preferably on a pre65 or twinshock. The yellow route will be suitable for pre65s and novices.  A conducted route for youth will also be laid on.

We look forward to seeing you at this excellent venue. There will be signs from the B4070 south of Birdlip, or GL4 8LG will get you close. The burger van has been booked.

On line entries are open so please, please use this method, it makes planning and running the event so much easier.

Observers will be very welcome and will receive £10 towards their expenses.

Any updates will appear here. (Don’t forget the clocks change!).