Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge trial

9 09 2016

RESULTS are on the ‘results’ page. Conditions improved dramatically after Friday and Saturday’s heavy rain making the sections somewhat easier than expected.

Another comfortable championship round win for Simon, and well done to Victoria for leading the clubman expert class.

Thanks to all riders for your support, we hope you enjoyed the event.

Our appreciation also to all officials and helpers who made the trial possible.

Our next event is at Breakheart on 27th November, more details will follow.


UPDATE. 30.9.16. Three laps of twelve sections, which will be eased to suit the conditions, with rain predicted on Saturday. The land owner prefers us not to use the stream sections this year owing to an outbreak of crayfish plague. There is  however plenty of terrain to put on a good trial. Entries accepted on the day, but still time to enter on line (please).


Our annual visit to Nympsfield is on 2nd October 2016. Three routes will be marked, out so all abilities and machines can look forward to a good days sport. The yellow route will be suitable for novices, pre65s and twinshocks. A sportsman-plus class will be available.

Entries to the secretary (regs and entry form are on the Western Center web site), but preferably use the on line route, it makes the organiser’s job much easier. The on-line entries will close at lunchtime on Saturday 1st October.

Day licences will be available (£3) if you haven’t got an ACU licence.

Observers will be most welcome and will receive £10 to help cover their expenses.

The burger van is to be booked, so come along and enjoy a ride round this excellent venue.

Further up dates will be posted here.

The Ron Carter Trial

8 05 2016

15.06.16. Edited results added.

Results are up on the ‘results page’. Congratulations to Lee Hassal on an excellent performance. The overnight rain made for a more challenging event, despite early Sunday morning ‘tweaks’ to some of the sections. However we hope you all enjoyed it.

As ever many thanks to our willing observers, the landowners, the Stroud Valley Committee and especially to Mike Wathen for the amount of work he put into making the event a success.

Our next event is on 2nd October at Nymphsfield, more details in due course.

UPDATE. 9/6/16. The silage is cut and 12 sections are cut out and will be ridden 3 times.

PLEASE will all riders and spectators keep to the field margin and not damage the newly sown crops.

Observers will be made very welcome and receive £10 towards their expenses.

On line entries close at 1pm Saturday, so save yourself a fiver and get your entry in.


Our next event is on June 12th at Ashmead Farm between Cam and Coaley.

There will be 3 routes this year so all abilities and machines, including experts, will find the sections suitable. The yellow route will be plotted for novice and pre-65 riders.

Entry forms and regs are on the Western Center web site and on Trials Central. Entries will be accepted on the day, but please try the ‘enter online’ option. It is a great help to the secretary and clerk of the course.

The catering van will be there.

The use of the venue depends upon the silage having been cut, so watch this site for updates. We look forward to seeing you for an enjoyable days trialing.

The venue will be signed from The Cam Tesco roundabout, or use GL11 5EN in the sat nav to get you close to the field. Map reference is SO777 004.



The Minchinhampton Trial

21 03 2016

UPDATE. Results have been slightly amended.

RESULTS. Are on the ‘results’ page. As always we thanks all those involved in running the event. It was greatly appreciated having all sections observed. We hope you all enjoyed the trial. The results suggest the sections were about right.

Congratulations to all the class winners and we look forward to seeing you at our next event in June. Details will follow here, and also watch the Western Center web site for details of the next round of the pre65, twinshock, over 60 and youth championship.


UPDATE. 12 sections are marked out and the ground is drying up nicely. If you need a post code for the sat nav, GL4 8LG will get you close. Otherwise follow the arrows from B4070 south of Birdlip.

The Minchinhampton Trial is to be run at Moorhouse Farm, Brimpsfield on 3rd April 2016.
There will be two routes over three laps of 12 sections.There will be no hard route, but experts are welcome to enter on twinshock or pre65 machines.
The event is the first round of the newly instigated Western Center Pre 65, Twinshock, Over 60 and youth C&D championship.
The sections will be suitable for all classes of machine and rider ability. A 50/50 ‘sportsman+’ option will be available. There will be a separate course for Youth C&D.
We look forward to seeing you at this excellent venue for an enjoyable ride round.
Entries will be accepted on the day, but please try to enter in advance, its a great help to the organisers.
Online entries are available and easy to do. Use this link, and follow instructions, you will need your ACU number and password (you can create one if necessary).

On line entries will be open until lunchtime on 2nd April.
Regs are also on the Western Center ACU web site.


The Bill Peters Trial

5 02 2016

RESULTS are on the ‘Results’ page. (version 2 added 22.02)

Thanks to all the riders who supported our event, we hope you enjoyed your day. Congratulations to the winner, Lloyd Price, who last won a Stroud Valley trial in 2010.

The large entry made it a challenge for our helpers. Our observers had to watch over 300 rides through their section, so a special thanks to them. Nathan and Oliver marked out a course, which from the scores, appears spot on and  Laurence has the results done by 10pm, well done to each.

Your on line entries were a great success. It make organising a much easier task for the clerk of course in marking out, and for the secretary and signing on team in preparing the paper work. Our next committee meeting will be discussing whether to make our trials ‘no entry on the day’.

Our next event is the Minchinhampton Non Expert trial at Brimpsfield. Details to follow.


UPDATE. Three laps of 12 sections are planned. Observers will be very welcome and will receive £10 to help cover their expenses.

On Sunday 21st Febuary, The Bill Peters trial will be run at Breakheart Quarry, start time 10.30am.

Nathan and team will mark out 3 routes, and you can chose expert, clubman expert, clubman, sportsman plus or sportsman as your class. So all abilities will be catered for and pre65 and twinshocks will find a class to suit them.

On line entries are available and are becoming very popular so give it a try if you can, via the ACU web site.Online entries will close at midday on Saturday 20th.  Otherwise Dougie will accept postal, telephone (01666 502619) or on the day entries.

The regs and entry form will appear soon on The Western Center web site.

Any updates will be posted here, but weather is very unlikely to be an issue.

The burger van is booked and with toilets and under cover signing on what more could you ask for! We look forward to seeing you for an enjoyable days sport.


Sapperton Cup Trial

5 11 2015

UPDATE. 22.10.15. The results are on the ‘results’ page. A low scoring trial but hopefully enjoyed by all.

Thanks to all riders, observers, helpers and especially Nathan and Oliver for marking out.

We look forward to seeing you all at our 2016 events. Details will appear here.


UPDATE. 18.11.15. Three laps of 12 or 13 sections are planned. The catering van is booked and all the facilities of Breakheart including toilets will be available. Observers will be made welcome and £10 will be donated to help cover their expenses.


22nd November is the date, and Breakheart Quarry is the venue for the Sapperton Cup Trial.

All classes will be welcome with three routes catering for all abilities and classes of machine. The yellow route will be marked for novices, twinshocks and pre65s.

Laurence (John Luff) of BVM will be taking entries. On line entries are being tried for the first time so give it a go.

Regs and entry forms and a link for on line entries are on The Western Center web site-

Or click here to enter online.

Entries will be accepted on the day.

The venue will be signposted from the A4135 about 1 mile east of Dursley.

More details will be added as and when.

Stroud Valley Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial

28 08 2015

RESULTS. Are on the ‘results’ page. Congratulations to Simon Welch on his win, and to the other class winners and all competitors for their valiant efforts in tackling the sections. A couple of sections proved more difficult than intended, however it appears that all were cleaned at least once. Hopefully we will see you all again at our next event on 22nd November at Breakheart. As it is not a championship round the sections should be less severe.

As usual we were blessed with a full compliment of observers, many thanks to them and to all committee members for making the event possible. The cooperation of our two landowners is also greatly appreciated.


UPDATE 2nd October. All set for Sunday. No rain forecast so parking will be in the usual field and will be signposted from the Stroud/Dursley road. Please avoid the silage bales which will probably still be in the field. 12 sections will be marked out on Saturday, with 3 laps to be covered. The ‘burger’ van is booked. Observers always welcome and will be rewarded with complimentary refreshments and £10 to cover their expenses. Entries will be accepted on the day.

We look forward to seeing you for an enjoyable days trialling.


Our next trial is on 4th October at Nymphsfield, and is our round of the Western Center Championship.

We will be using both farms so as for last year there should be a good ride round. There will be three routes so all levels of skill and machine will be catered for. Sections especially the yellow route will be plotted to be suitable for pre-65 and twin shock riders.

Regs and entry forms are on The Western Center web site and Dougie will look forward to receiving your entry. Entries will be accepted on the day as per the regs.

Car parking has been an issue at this venue in the past especially if we have very heavy rain. Any updates will be posted here.

Ron Carter Trial

15 05 2015

UPDATE 14.06.15. The provisional results are in, thanks to Laurence, and posted on the reuslts page.

We hope you all enjoyed the trial. Sections had to be eased after the heavy rain on Friday evening but the results seemed to show that they were spot on. Many thanks to Mike Wathen who put a lot of hard work and effort into the event, and also to Mike Griffith for his help, and use of such a superb venue. Also our appreciation goes to all the other helpers and especially the observers, whose volunteering allowed all sections to be covered.

Our next trial is on 4th October at Nymphsfield. More details will appear in due course.


UPDATE 10.06.15. The road through Coaley is now fully open so you can get to the trial that way if preferred. The trial is on the farm side of the road, the opposite side to last year. We haven’t used this land for several years. Mike has been busy cutting out the sections.


Our next trial is at Ashmead near Dursley, courtesy of Mike Griffiths, on 14 June 2015.

Mike Wathen is going to mark out 2 routes, with a 50/50 option available. The sections will be suitable for all abilities and machines so twin shocks and pre-65 bikes are welcome.

The venue will be signed from the Tesco Store in Cam, and GL11 5EN in your sat nav will get you to the farm, with the field entrance being just up the lane. The road through Coaley may be signed as closed (new water main), but should be passable on a Sunday.

Regs and entry forms are on the Western Center web site. The burger van is booked and Laurence at BVM will be taking entries.

The silage has been cut, so its all set for Sunday. Entries will be accepted on the day.