Sapperton Trial 2021

21 10 2021

Entries are open on-line, and filling fast, for our trial at Breakheart on 28th November.

We are hoping to have two laps of 18 sections with the usual 3 routes, and 50:50 options. A conducted route will be included if there is sufficient interest.

Observers will be very welcome, and will receive £15 towards their expenses. Please contact Phil on 07770582810 if you are able to help.

A snack van is booked so along with this venues excellent facilities we’re looking forward to a good days trialling.

Running trials involves a lot of work, usually done by the dedicated few. If anyone would be prepared to lend a hand, either marking out or clearing up afterwards, please get in touch.

Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial 2021

31 08 2021

The results are in the ‘results’ section. We hope you enjoyed the slippery conditions. Congratulations to Tom for adding his name again to the list of winners.

Too many to thank individually for all the hard work that goes into running this event, but C of C Rob Maller, who brought it all together, deserves a special mention. As always thanks to our band of observers, and the landowners who allow us to run at this excellent venue.

Our next event is on 28th November at Breakheart. Details will follow.


Update. 1.10.21. Thanks to all for entering, we reached our entry limit, with a few reserves, so no entries on the day. 18 sections are marked out, with the finishing touches being done tomorrow morning, 2 laps of about 3 miles. The rain has made it a lot more ‘interesting’. We have observers for all sections, thanks to them for volunteering.

Remember the start is at the MotoX track, Tinkley Lane. There will be no burger van there, so bring your own sandwiches. We hope you all enjoy a good days trialing on Sunday. Please NO PRACTISING on the motoX track.


October 3rd is the date and Nympsfield is the venue. Entries will be on-line only, via the ACU web site, and will open at 7am on 4th September. The entry limit is 100 riders. Signing on will be back to normal with rider numbers being distributed on the day.

The start will be at the Tinkley Lane Scramble Track, as last year, and we are hoping to have 2 laps of 18 sections using both Court Farm and Field Farm. Three routes with the usual 50/50 options will be laid out. Sorry there will be no conducted route.There must be no practising in the parking area or on the MotoX track. We are very appreciative of the AMCA in allowing us to use their parking area only, and must not abuse it.

We will need observers so please volunteer if possible, contact Phil on 07770582810. £15 will be paid towards your expenses. If able to bring a bike, that would help with some of the more distant sections.

Updates will appear here as and when necessary. Covid will still no doubt be around, so if you, or anyone in your household shows symptoms, please do not attend. Social distancing etc is still advised.

Stroud Valley Summer Trial 2021

30 06 2021

The results have been added. More will be posted when any amendments have been made.

We hope all enjoyed the trial, despite the temperaures. Thanks go to all the team, and our full complement of observers. In particular, C of C Mike Wathen deserves a special mention for all his work in making this trial possible, as also does Richard Jenkins for enabling our use of the excellent venue.


UPDATE. 08.07.21. We have now reached our limit so entries are now closed. Observers are still required, please volunteer if you can.


We are running an extra event this year at a venue new to us.

Entries are now open for 18th July, with the action taking place at Stancombe Park. The venue will be signed from the Wotton-u-Edge to Dursley road.

The usual 3 routes, with 50/50 options, means most machines and abilities will find something to suit. The number of sections and laps will be decided by CofC Mike Wathen. Entries usually fill quickly so don’t delay. There will be no entries on the day.

Please volunteer to observe if you can by contacting Phil on 07770582810. Sections will only operate if we have observers. A £15 contribution toward your expenses will be on offer.

Any updates will appear here. Covid restrictions look as if they will still apply so please read and follow the rules in the supplementary regs.

The RonCarter Trial 2021

19 05 2021

I have tried to insert a direct link to photos taken yesterday, but it won’t accept it. You can find them on ‘smugmug’ and searching under ‘Mpgrindrod’. Good Luck.

We hope you all enjoyed your day. A relatively low scoring event, but probably just as well in the heat, and two laps was enough for most.

Congratulations to Lee on topping the leaderboard, and thanks to all the observers and helpers, especially the work put in by our clerk of course.

Details of our next trial on 18th July will follow soon.

11/06/2021 Update.

16 sections are marked out and we have a full compliment of observers. The number of laps will be decided on the day.

It will be mentioned again, but riders must keep off the ploughed field -KEEP TO THE GRASS VERGE.

The burger van is booked and a fine (hot) day is forecast. It should be a good days trialling. Please follow all Covid guidance in the regs.


We are at Ashmead Farm, Cam, GL11 5EN, on 13th June.

Three routes, with the usual 50/50 options, with hopefully 16 sections, but this depends upon willing observers.

If you are prepared to observe, please contact Phil Marsh on 07770582810. Your reward will be a big thankyou and £15 to cover your expenses.

Entries open at 7am on Wednesday 26th May, on line only. Judging by last time you will need to be quick! There will be NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY.

We are trying to book the burger van.

Any updates will appear here.

Minchinhampton Cup Trial 2021

21 03 2021

The results are up in ‘results’ section. Only one clean sheet! Difficult to work out a winner as not sure who qualifies as a ‘non-expert’. Anyway it was ‘just for fun’. Hope you all enjoyed it.

As always thanks and well done to the SVMC team, the willing observers and most importantly landowner Keith Broadstock for allowing us to use this fantastic venue.


Sorry to those who are unsuccessful but the entry limit was reached within a very short time of opening.

To clarify, the trial is at Moorhouse Farm (about a mile further on than Climperwell).


Entries will open for the Minhcinhampton cup trial on the ACU website at 7.00AM on Monday the 22nd of March 2021. The event will take place on the 18th of April. More details here…..

John Ballinger RIP

25 01 2021

It is with sadness that we have leart of the passing of a former club stalwart.

Here is a link to Bob and John Miles tributes.

Sapperton Trial 2020

18 10 2020

2/11/20. Following the announcement of another lockdown the trial now cannot take place. Laurence will be sorting your entry refunds.


19/10.20. Entries have ‘sold out’ I’m afraid, and Laurence already has a reserve list. If you want more organised trials, more volunteers are needed to help with organising them. Your clubs need more active helpers!


We are at Breakheart Quarry, just outside Dursley on 22nd November 2020.

Online entries open on Monday 19th October at 7am. No entries on the day. We are limited to 60 riders so don’t delay. PLEASE, if you enter and then decide not to turn up, let us know asap so that someone else can take your place. Hopefully 12 sections with 3 laps, but that will depend on enough observers.

If you would be willing to observe please contact Phil on 07770582810. £15 will be given to help cover your costs.

With the current Covid situation things may change so keep a check on the web sites for any updates. Please read, and follow the Covid rules set out in the regs.

Fingers crossed for a good days trialling.

Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial 2020

4 09 2020

Phew!!! Running a trial at Nympsfield is challenging at the best of times but with Covid to consider even more so. Hence the organising team involved deserve a special thank you for all their hard work. A special mention and our appreciation to C of C Mike Wathen, who if he hadn’t volunteered, the trial would not have happened. We had a full compliment of observers, plus reserves, so thanks to them all for braving the elements.

The results are on the ‘results’ page. Congratulations to Kurt on his win and to all riders who completed the course. We hope you all enjoyed the challenging conditions. We are sorry we could not accept all riders who wanted to compete. Its a pity there were several non starters whose places could have been taken by others!

We are lucky to have two cooperative landowners and also we are indebted to AMCA for allowing us to use their field for parking.

Our next event is on 22nd November (Covid permitting!) at Breakheart. More details will follow. Entry will again be restricted so enter as soon as possible.


2nd October 2020. We are part way through marking out and will finish tomorrow. Rain has ensured a typical Nympsfield trial!! Riders should have all received their riding numbers by post.

Please remember the start is at the motocross track, Tinkley Lane, by the wind turbine, (there will be no road direction marking). No spectators are allowed. Please follow the Covid instructions especially the 2 meter social distancing, at all times.

We have 12 observers who have kindly volunteered. They are Bill Muirhead, Andy Luff, Ben/Tony Faulkener, Vic Moran, Theresa Talbot, Julia Watson, Rob Taylor, Alan Savage, Dave Wathen, Fred Clutterbuck, Peter Collins, and Terry Webb.

Covid Marshals keeping an eye on things will be Mike Wathen, Doug Nolan and Phil Marsh.


Entries will open at 7am on Monday 7th September via The ACU on line entry system only. There will be no postal or on the day entries. There is a maximum of 72 riders so if you want to enter, do not delay.

We hope to use the usual land for sections, but the start will be at Tinkley Lane, by the wind turbine/motoX track. Post code is GL10 3UH, approximately 1 mile out of Nymphsfield on the lane to Nailsworth. There will be no road direction markers!!

We plan to lay on 12 sections with 3 routes and the usual 50/50 options. We hope to run it as near to a normal SVMC trial as possible, but there will obviously be Covid restrictions. Sorry there will be no conducted course. There must be no practising in the parking area or on the MotoX track. We are very appreciative of the AMCA in allowing us to use their parking area only and must not abuse it.

We will need 12 observers if the trial is to go ahead. Please let Phil (07770582810) know if you can help. There will be £15 to help with your expenses and Covid conditions will be applied.

Please read the Regs especially the Covid bit. Following the guidance is vital if we are to run more trials. Remember no spectators are allowed, so travel on your own unless with a rider from the same family, or an observer.

More details will follow, so keep checking. Obviously if the Covid situation deteriorates we may have to change our plans. Fingers crossed for a good, long overdue days trialling.

The Minchinhampton Trial 2020 Update

13 03 2020

15.03.20. You can see how you did on the results page. Thank you all for your support. A challenging day for the riders and particularly the organisers and helpers. A big thankyou and well done to Rob Maller and his team for managing to run the event.

As it was traditioally a ‘novice’ trial, congratulations to Hayden Maller for winning best novice and also Richard Jenkins for best overall performance. Well done to all who completed the course, and commiserations to those who found the rain and the going too tough.

Hopefully our next event in June will see better weather and Corona virus a thing of the past. Details will follow.


13.03.20. We have now closed the entry list, having reached our limit. If you didn’t make it please come along and offer to observe.

12 sections are marked out with the promised wet conditions in mind. Parking will be tight, please park as close together as possible.

Any updates will appear here.


The Minchinhamton Trial 2020

25 02 2020

The Minchinhampton Non Expert Trial at Moorhouse Farm, Brimpsfield is on 15th March 2020.
There will be 2 routes with the 50/50 option available and three laps of 12 sections are planned. Experts are welcome preferably on a pre65 or twinshock. The yellow route will be suitable for pre65s and novices.  A conducted route for youth will also be laid on if there is sufficient demand.
On line entries are open so please, please use this method, it makes planning and running the event so much easier, or postal entries as per the regs (see Western Center site). There will be no entries on the day. Numbers limit 100.
Observers will be very welcome and will receive a meal voucher and £15 towards their expenses.
We look forward to seeing you at this excellent venue. There will be signs from the B4070 south of Birdlip, or GL4 8LG will get you close. The burger van has been booked.

Hopefully the rain will cease! Updates will appear here regarding any changes.