Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial 2019.

13 09 2019

The reults are up, see results page. Congratulations to TomCulliford on his win and well done to  Lee Hassal in a close second place. We hope you enjoyed the event, there were very few retirements despite the conditions! After nearly cancelling on Friday, we were luckily blessed with a dry day. Thanks to Martin Wooldridge for allowing us to use the farm yard, without which the parking would have been impossible. A special thanks to our full contingent of observers, also to C of C Rob Maller for marking out in dreadful conditions, and all the band of indispensable helpers.

Our next event is 24th November at Breakheart. As always if you would like to help with the running of our events do get in touch (via BVM).


We are still hoping to run on Sunday. The parking is going to be difficult as the field is impassable except for 4wd. We can use a small area of the farmyard. Please follow parking instructions and park tight together. Remember this is a working farm, any hassle could lose us this venue. If you can share transport please do.

Its going to be ‘Nympsfield’ slippery. Plotting the sections has been a challenge! Rob will be making final tweeks tomorrow. Any updates will appear here.

We will NOT be accepting any entries on the day


Our annual visit to Nymphsfield is on 6th October. Its a Western Championship round, but all classes will be well catered for with three routes and 50/50s in between. The yellow option will be suitable for novice and twinshock riders. A conducted course for youth and total beginners is also planned if demand is there.

Entries are limited to 100 so don’t leave it till the last minute! On line is best but cheque and postage stamp method still available. Regs/entry form will be on the Western Center web site.

Observers are always very welcome and will receive a meal voucher and £15 towards expenses. The burger van has been booked.

GL10 3UG in the sat. nav. will get you close but follow the signs. Parking may be in a different place. If you need to refuel, bring a mat (as per ACU rules).

We hope you enjoy a good days trialling at this excellent venue



The Ron Carter Trial 2019

19 05 2019

I have posted the results from yesterday. A big thank you to Nathan for doing the results for the first time. Any glaring major errors please let us know. We hope you enjoyed the trial, Mike, Ray and Ryan marked out the sections and from the results they seemed spot on, so all credit to the team. Many thanks to our observers, and for sorting the ’66’ – ’99’ confusion!!

Our next event is on 6th October at Nymphsfield. Details will follow.



All looking good for Saturday afternoon. Thanks to all for entering on line, it makes the paperwork so much easier. We will accept entries on the day at £20.00, please bring your ACU license.


We have rescheduled The Ron Carter trial for Saturday 24th August 2019, start time 2pm. All other details are as below. We look forward to seeing you at Ashmead.


EVENT CANCELLED. The fields are waterlogged making access to parking and sections impossible. Please let others who were thinking of coming know. We are going to try and reschedule for August so watch web sites for details.


We are at Ashmead Farm, Cam on 16th June. The venue will be signed from The Cam Tesco roundabout, or use GL11 5EN in the sat nav to get you close to the field.

Three routes will be plotted with the yellow route being suitable for novices, pre65s and twinshocks. With the 50/50 options there should be something suitable for all. Unfortunately the nature of the venue means there will be no conducted route.

The regs and entry form will be on the Western ACU site- . Entries please on line if possible, or by post to the secretary. The limit is 100 so enter in good time if you want to ride.

Observers will be rewarded with a meal voucher and £15 to cover their expenses. We are always looking for for extra help with organising our trials so if you would be able to help with marking out please contact the secretary.

We will try to book  the burger van, and we look forward to a good days trialling.

The Minchinhampton Non Expert Trial 2019

4 03 2019

The results are up. Well done to Dan Sanders on his overall win and to Richard Jenkins on taking best novice. The weather came right in the end after a worrying few days of wet and windy conditions. We hope you all enjoyed the trial.

There are too many helpers to thank individually but special appreciation to Rob Maller for his first Clerk of Course duty, a great success. Everyones contribution is greatly valued. More volunteers are always needed. If you would like to be involved and put something back into the sport please offer your services.

Our next event is on June 16th. Details will appear in the usual places.


UPDATE 15.03.19. We are now full and cannot accept any more entries, NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Our clerk of course says the venue is wet! Parking may be an issue so we ask you to park as compactly as possible and follow instructions. The event will run if at all possible but please check back to make sure the conditions don’t beat us.


We are running The Minchinhampton Non Expert Trial at Moorhouse Farm, Brimpsfield on 17th March 2019.
There will be 2 routes with the 50/50 option available and three laps of 12 sections are planned. Experts are welcome preferably on a pre65 or twinshock. The yellow route will be suitable for pre65s and novices.  A conducted route for youth will also be laid on if there is sufficient demand.
On line entries are open so please, please use this method, it makes planning and running the event so much easier, or postal entries as per the regs (see Western Center site). There will be no entries on the day. Numbers limit 100.
Observers will be very welcome and will receive a meal voucher and £15 towards their expenses.
We look forward to seeing you at this excellent venue. There will be signs from the B4070 south of Birdlip, or GL4 8LG will get you close. The burger van has been booked.

The Bill Peters Trial 2019

20 01 2019

The results are now in and are on the ‘results’ page. Congratulations to Kurt on his win, and to everyone for making the event a success. We hope you all enjoyed it.

Our trials would not be possible without the considerable efforts put in by the team of volunteers. Particular mention for Nathan, Oliver and Rob for doing the bulk of the course plotting and marking out, (which included replacing flags which had been vandalised during Saturday night), and Laurence for the results. Also thanks to a full quota of observers who helped the trial run smoothly.

Our next event is The ‘non expert’ Minchinhampton trial on 17th March at Brimpsfield. More details will follow.


SORRY WE ARE NOW FULL. No more entries can be accepted, and no entries on the day. If you were unable to get a ride, please still support the event by volunteering to observe. More observers would mean more sections and may enable us in future to accept bigger entries.


We will be at Breakheart Quarry, Dursley on 17th Febuary for The Bill Peters Trial, the second round of the Western Center Championship.

Three routes will be marked out, with 50;50 options so all abilities will be catered for and the Sportsman route will be suitable for pre65s and twinshocks. A conducted route will be available if there is sufficient demand.

Entries by post or on-line (preferred) with NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY. Regs and entries via Western site or ACU online. There is a maximum of 100 and as this event usually fills quickly an early entry is advised. Entries will close when the limit is reached.

Observers will be very welcome and offered £15 to cover expenses and a meal voucher.

Breakheart has under cover signing on, toilet facilities and is an all weather venue so only extreme weather will affect it. Any updates will be posted here.

The burger van is booked and we look forward to a good days trialling.

Harold (Sonny) Cleaver

16 12 2018

John Miles has kindly prepared this tribute:-

Harold Cleaver,”Sonny” to all his friends sadly passed away on Monday 10th December at the age of 89 after a lifetime love affair with all things motocycling.


Sonny was a long time Stroud Valley Member who competed in  Scrambles in the 1950’s and early 60’s. He was a tireless worker a staunch supporter at the 3 scrambles the club ran every year. He could be found running the start, a job he usually did with John Ballinger.

My first recollection of Sonny was at Nympsfield where I asked for another roll of Chestnut paling around the start and this chap appeared over the top of hill with a roll on his shoulder having carried it from the bottom. That was Sonny. (most people struggled to lift one).

Living in Tetbury he was a skilled Cotswold roof tiler, a dying art, and his skills were always needed keeping him busy all the time.

As the scrambles side of the club declined Sonny started to join the informal, mostly trials, gatherings in Bisley where he found many new friends and became a popular member of “Team Stirrup Cup” going on regular trips to the TT and coming for a few years on the spring trip to the sun in the Canary Islands.

With the start of the Pre 65 movement He found a new outlet for his energies and was able to indulge his lifelong love motorbikes until quite recently. When I visited him a couple of weeks ago he was bemoaning the fact he could no longer kick-start his Gold Star.

To sum Sonny up, a great bloke, a good friend to have and in the words of another Stirrup Cup regular “One Of Us”.  Sonny Cleaver RIP.


Sapperton Trial 2018

6 11 2018

The results are up. Congratulations to Brett Harbud on his convincing win and thanks to you all for supporting our event.

We are very grateful to Oliver and Nathan for their marking out the sections, the  results suggest they were spot on. We struggled with observers as usual but many thanks to those who gave us their time.

Our next trial will be on the 17th Febuary 2019 again at Breakheart. Details will appear here. In the meantime you can renew or become a Stroud Valley MC member via the ACU web site and once that’s done you can renew or apply for your trials license without the need for code numbers.

We had a good entry on the conducted route, well done to you all.

Sapperton Conducted 2018



UPDATE Friday. We are nearly at the entry limit so enter now if you want a ride. THERE WILL BE NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY.


We are back to Breakheart on 25th November. Three routes with 50/50’s in between so all abilities and classes of machine will be catered for. We will run a conducted route if there is sufficient demand and any newcomers to the sport, or raw novices are welcome to try this option, please contact Laurence at BVM (01453 297177).

Entries are now open on-line (the preferred option) or by post, the regs will soon be on The Western Web site. Entries are limited to 100.

Observers will be welcomed with a meal voucher and £15 to help towards their expenses.

Breakheart will be signed from the A4135 east of Dursley. GL11 6ER should work in the sat nav but please check first.

The venue is ‘all weather’ with toilet facilities, and we look forward to welcoming you for a good days trialling. Any updates will appear here.



Stroud Solo/Jack Wooldridge Trial

30 08 2018

The results are up. Congratulation to Kurt on his win. We hope you all enjoyed the event.

Many thanks to all for the hard work which goes into running an event like this. Also thanks to our observers. We did eventually get each section covered I think.

Our next trial is at Breakheart on 25th November. Details will appear here later.


Sorry but we are now full so the entry list is closed. No entries on the day.

Please note corrected post code.

The course is mainly dry so going will be easier than last year. Parking should be OK in the ‘start field’ but please park tidily so that everyone can get in.


We are at Nympsfield on 30th September 2018 and thanks to our generous landowners we are able to use both farms, so it will be a good ride round. Three routes will cater for all classes with the yellow option being suitable for novice and pre65/twinshock machines. Three laps of 12 sections are planned. A conducted route will be laid on if there is sufficient demand.

Entries are limited to 100. On line is the preferred method but the postal option is available to Laurence at BVM.

Observers will be very welcome and rewarded with £15 to cover expenses and a meal voucher.

Car parking can be an issue at this venue so any updates will be posted here.

Postcode GL10 3UG will get you close, otherwise it will be signed from the A4135 east of Dursley.

We look forward to seeing you for good days trialling.